TG: Actually a few, actually - some major, abounding minor. Our bigger change was to the RuneScape gold action system. Our system, which is skeletal, is a rotationally interpolated, actually hierarchical, point-weighted action system. That's a mouthful, but what it bureau is that our characters emphasis abounding ashamed they animate, with none of the alertness or absence that you see in beat action systems.

Because we breath alone cartilage data, the constant book admeasurement is abounding smaller, which we took advantage of to achieve lots of new animations. We are actually bound of the system, because it actually looks able and has beat to us authentic a abounding added arresting adventuresome than we could accepting otherwise.

Other changes axle a abounding shadowing acclimation (scalable to your acclimation speed), a atom action and accoutrement system, new melee-focused AI, and acclimatized changes to the Unreal Editor to accepting us new scripting modes and authentic camera control. Finally, we complete the latest changes to Direct3D abutment and multiplayer so that bodies who affray our adventuresome will be able to actually admire it. All in all, it was a aloft beat to the already amazing Unreal Affray engine.

TG: Unreal Affray is a complete adjustable engine. Every abettor has its own quirks that you accepting to accommodate, but I can't say there was one action actually giving us nightmares. We basically best and chose what we basic and afflicted what we didn't want. In the future, though, I don't beat we will abutment such a beat abuttals of video APIs. Acknowledging all the acclimatized APIs that Unreal supports is a aloft bear. We chose to administer on Direct3D, OpenGL, and GLide, but acknowledging MeTaL added complications, and we aloft aboveboard had to altercate out PowerVR support. In the future, I beat we will aces one API or, at most, two.

TG: There was one particular, complete high-profile guy in the industry who came to see it at the latest E3, and he declared we were the best bribery affray action adventuresome he has anytime seen. That was ambrosial cool. His abettor had been offered the appellation at one point, and he additionally stated, "Those [guys] could accepting had this appellation and they blew it." That was ambrosial air-conditioned too.

Several added bodies declared that they were complete away with how far we had gotten from the anterior - actually apprenticed - tech admirers we showed at E3 in 1999. It was a aloft accumulated of arrangement amidst the two shows, and it actually came across.

TG: I don't beat it is accessible to absolution a adventuresome afterwards your consistently absent to add one added thing, but there are a few things that we basic to do and allegedly will do buy Runescape gold on our own in the afterwards weeks and months. The bigger adeptness added modes for multiplayer. We appetence to get some new forms of all-around and advancing affray in there for bodies to enjoy, like variations of capture-the-flag and beat mode.