Convert Non Editable PDF to Editable PDF

What if we tell you that converting noneditable PDF to editable PDF is as easy as it sounds so would you believe it? Yes, it’s true we have found many methods that will work for you and assist you in convert non editable PDF to editable PDF.

In the restricted PDF you are not allowed to do editing like add text, comment, or highlight the content in the document but still, there is always a way to reach the right destination and you are right there.

Noneditable only allows you to read the document for the information and resources. But converting to uneditable PDF allows you to do everything on the document be it copy, add text, highlight, and make comments.

Noneditable PDFs are restricted by the users to keep them safe from unwanted access and sometimes it happens that most people modify original files and represt it as their own That’s why users put restrictions on PDFs to keep them safe from unauthorized users.

In this article, we will tell how to convert PDF to fillable PDF by easy methods and you just need to follow the guide and the rest of things will happen automatically.

Types of Protection to Convert Non Editable PDF to Editable PDF

You can check which types of security are embedded in your document and find the right answer to Convert Non Editable PDF to Editable PDF

There are two types of passwords that are used to secured PDF

User password- If you are going to copy the data without a password you can’t get the access to data.It is needed when you open the PDF first and it will appear. It’s also known as a document password and asks to open the PDF.

Permission password- This password is used to restrict permission and you need to 

enter the password to change the permissions. this password is also known as user user-level password and is specifically used to restrict PDF permission like copying, commenting, highlighting, and document assembly.

Maybe you got the point about the password types and their use so let’s find the best noneditable PDF converter for you.

Best Methods For Convert Non Editable PDF To Editable PDF

We know how it feels like when you don’t have access to change PDF according to your needs but don’t worry we have explored every method for you to convert noneditable PDF to editable PDF

Convert PDF to fillable PDF In Adobe

  1. Select the File tab.
    edit read only adobe01
  2. Select Properties in the drop-down menu.
  3. Then click on the Security tab in the  Properties dialog box.
    edit read only adobe03
  4. Click on No Security in the Security Method drop-down dialog.
  5. Fill your password in the Password dialog box and then just select the OK button.
  6. Afterwards click an OK button in the alert box.
  7. Now click the OK button to close the Properties dialog box.

You need to enable editing in your locked PDF file first Then you can able to add a sign on it after successfully unlocking the PDF Then you can go for this

Convert PDF to Uneditable PDF By OCR Software

OCR software can scan images or documents recognize the text within the images and convert them into editable text.

Convert Non Editable PDF To Editable PDF in MS Word

Here we will use Word to convert PDF to Word; afterward, you can make your new PDF and comment whenever you want.

You can easily convert your PDF to the world with these simple steps

Here’s how:

  1. First open the file you want to convert File>Open
  2. The World will start to convert your PDF into a World file take some time to do this process and change it lately.
  1. Now, edit or comment on what was disabled in the previous file and save it into a PDF afterward

Convert to Uneditable PDF in Google Drive

We can use Google Drive to convert PDF files into Google Docs. It has an OCR function that can extract data from the image also Here are some steps to convert PDF into a Word file

  1. Log into Google Drive with your account credentials.
  2. Click and drag the PDF file in the file browser or click on New > then Upload a file to navigate to the file you want to upload.
    How to make a PDF editbale free in Google Docs
  3. When the file is successfully uploaded, you can find it in your documents.
  4. Click on the PDF file which you uploaded recently Open with>Google Docs.
    How to make an editbale PDF free in Google Docs
    Google Docs will easily  Convert Non Editable PDF To Editable PDF

Note: You can use Google Drive to connect other app tools which can provide a PDF editor for better editing open the PDF file and click Open with> Connect Other Apps. 

 Using third-party apps

  • Convert Non Editable PDF To Editable PDF with  the best online PDF editor in the market which is effective while people are in haste to do there because of a shortage of time and also provides some extra features and quick edit
  • There are  ample tools  that can do this and make some edits like:
  • You can change, edit, or write text.
  • You can easily add or remove your signature on the PDF.
  • Can convert PDF into black and white.
  • You can do print tests, change the page order, and more.
  • You just need to take ACTION and all things will get sorted by itself 



Tools such as:

  • SmallPDF
  • PDFpro
  • PDFbuddy
  • Online2PDF
  • Cometdocs
  • Able2Extract
  • PDFelement
  • SimplyPDF
  • These tools are free but not safe if you want to stack your data confidentiality then it will easily remove restrictions from your PDF

 Things You Shouldonsider While Using an Online PDF Editor

Here are a few things that should be considered while editing PDF files online. Such as:

Online reviews should be checked.

Opt tool that shows like Padlock symbol in the address bar.

The privacy policy should be read carefully and the terms of conditions to make sure your PDF content isn’t used by the company.

Best Recommended Method

This Best Unlocker Tool has advanced features and simple navigations to remove the owner password or restriction password in PDF files. This Tool is able to remove all kinds of restrictions from PDF files such as:

  • Printing
  • Changing the Document
  • Content Copying, for Accessibility
  • Document Assembly
  • Page Extraction
  • Commenting
  • Signing
  • Filling Form Fields

You can use the systools PDF unlocker tool to remove both user-level and owner-level passwords from the PDF file it will help you unlock the document and remove all locked permissions like -print, copy, commenting, edit, assembly, etc.

Step-1: Run the application, then click on Add Files or Add Folder button.
pdf unlocker


Step-2: Now choose any one option from Save or Print as per your requirements.

Step 3: then Select the destination path where files take place and click on the “Unlock” button.
Step 4: Successfully fix the PDF commenting not allowed issue accurately.




In this article, we have found the six best methods to convert noneditable PDF to editable PDF. PDF restrictions are an obstacle in your work and we crossed it and shared every possible way to convert to uneditable PDF. You can easily follow these methods to remove PDF passwords/restrictions If you follow this method, the restrictions will no longer be implied on the file and you can able to Edit your file.