If you are looking for how to split PST file by date then your search ends here. Basically when you do not have the required space then you have to think about splitting files. As you already know Outlook provides only 50 GB of space now. This space is not enough to store the data. This is not a default allocated space for all Outlook versions. It depends on the version of Outlook. If you are working with the earlier version of Outlook then it is 2 GB only, If you are in between 2003 and 2007 then it will be 20 GB and if it is after 2007 then it is 50 GB. As per your concern, there are multiple benefits to splitting the PST file by date. Let’s discuss them in detail.


Benefits of Split PST By Date

There can be multiple benefits to splitting PST files by date. Some of the major benefits are:-

  • Prevent Corruption - If the PST file is split, then chances of corruption are reduced and the file becomes safe from corruption.
  • Easy to Share - If the Outlook file has been split, then its size will be reduced and it becomes easy to share.
  • Backup - If the file is split, then it becomes easy to take a backup in any case. Larger files are not backed up and restored quickly as compared to the shortest files.

These all are some major reasons there can be more benefits to splitting PST files by date. Now, try to find ways to split PST files by year.


How to Split PST File By Date

Actually, there are two approaches to split the PST file by date. You can choose any approach either manual or professional. The manual approach is only performed within Outlook. It is carried out with the help of Outlook inbuilt features only. The professional approach is not performed using Outlook. It is not dependent on Outlook. Let’s deep dive into the manual approach first to split PST file by date.


Manually Split the PST File By Date

The manual approach uses the Outlook inbuilt feature that can Archive the old data, which is not required now. It will help to create a separate Archive file that can be saved at a particular location. You just need to follow some steps.

  • Choose the CleanUp Tools from the File Menu.
  • Do Archive option.
  • Select the Date filter and set the date according to the requirement for the archive.
  • Hit the checkbox of the Archive this folder and subfolders option.
  • Browse the final location for the resulting file and OK.

This approach is only archiving the old data. It does not split the PST files by date. So, it is not so worth it. Let’s evaluate another approach which is professional that can split PST by date.

Professionally Split PST File By Date

The professional approach is performed with the help of SysTools PST Splitter Tool only. This tool is implemented with all versions of Outlook. It is not required to be the technical sound while using this tool. You can operate this tool by using drag-and-drop operations only. All of your data will be safe during the process. It can split PST file by date. It has advanced features to split the PST files. You can also choose the resulting file size between 1 MB to 1 TB. Follow these steps to get the right results.

    • Download and Open the tool
    • Click on Add File for a single file, Add Folder for a complete folder, and Search if don’t know the location of the file.
    • Click on Open after selecting the required file.
    • Once the file is selected, choose Remove to remove a particular file and Remove All to remove all files from Outlook.
    • Hit on Browse for the final location of the file.
    • Choose the option of Date, and Next.
    • Choose the start and end date as per the requirement and Next.


In the end, Now you are aware of both of the ways whether it is manual or professional. The manual approach has some limitations such as not providing security during the process of splitting. The professional approach has advanced features and also provides security throughout the process. You can choose any approach as per your requirements. Hence you know how to split PST file by date.