Dark and Darker acquired acceptance through assorted playtests on Steam, alluring over 110,000 circumstantial players during Steam Abutting Fest. The Dark And Darker Gold Coins bold was briefly removed from Steam due to the advancing accustomed battle. Ironmace’s contempo torrent-based playtest in April kept the bold attainable to absorbed players.

Despite the challenges, Aphotic and Darker aims to acquisition success alfresco of Steam by alms a acute fantasy cutting acquaintance anon to its committed amateur base.

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Dark and Darker, a fantasy RPG bold agnate to Diablo, will now be broadcast through a altered belvedere instead of Steam. Developer Ironmace faced a accusation for declared similarities to an unannounced bold from their aloft publisher, Nexon, causing the bold to be removed from assorted storefronts including Steam. However, Ironmace has remained bent to absolution the game.

On August 7, the Aphotic and Darker aggregation accepted on the game’s Discord approach that they accept anchored a benefactor for the game, Chaf Games. Developer ‘Graysun’ accepted this partnership, advertence that Chaf Amateur is their official accomplice and is acceptable with preparations.

As of now, you can acquirement Aphotic and Darker through Chaf Games’ website. The accepted copy is priced at $35, while the Founders Copy costs $50. The Founders Copy grants admission to approaching content, accurately dungeons.

Although Aphotic and Darker is listed as “coming soon” on Chaf Games’ website, there are Reddit accoutrement admonishing adjoin downloading third-party admirers claiming to be the buying Dark And Darker Gold game’s launcher, which has been debunked by Graysun. This suggests that the bold will accept its own downloadable client.