Nowadays, many large-scale processing enterprises are used in the assembly line of production operations, this assembly line operations are characterised by a large number of workers involved in the production, product process division of labour in detail, each link of the production workers to complete a production or assembly nodes, the flow of the assembly line of the flow of time is fast, which greatly enhances the production efficiency. However, due to the large number of workers on the production line, this brings about a number of problems in terms of worker management. Among these problems, the workers in the production process of carrying and use of mobile phones to the management of the enterprise management personnel has brought management problems, then the question came out: the factory's artificial production line workshop there is no need to install mobile phone signal shielding it?

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Some production enterprises in charge of the leadership, in order to ensure that production workers in the assembly line can focus on the production process, has long been in the factory workshop in a number of suitable locations to install a mobile phone signal shield. When the assembly line in the normal operation of the operation, at this time each position of the workers should be dedicated to the production work, mobile phone signal jammer device after the start of the work, to ensure that mobile phone signals in the workshop will be completely blocked, in this case, even if there are workers secretly carry a mobile phone, but also due to the reception of mobile phone signals, there will not be a sudden phone call or receive short message content.

In the past, if the enterprise did not install mobile phone signal jammer in the assembly line workshop, there will always be some employees who do not comply with the production norms and work discipline, private mobile phones into the production workshop, although sometimes set to silent state, but once the phone has a voice call or receive a short message, the production workers in the prompt either to stop the work in hand to check the mobile phone, or temporarily ignored! But even then, production workers are still at risk. But even then, workers may be distracted from their work by mobile phone alerts. Imagine if workers are always in such a working condition, this will definitely affect productivity, and even in a heavier direction, it may cause production accidents.

Although some enterprises from the rules and regulations and active collection of mobile phones and other ways to start, can also play a certain restriction on the use of mobile phones, but relative to the installation of cell phone signal jammer in the production workshop, is bound to be more simple and effective in the latter way, it is from the technical level of the direct cut off of mobile phone signals, mobile phone signal shielding security, can let those who have a heart of luck, privately carrying mobile phone production workers. Completely eliminate the idea of secretly using mobile phones.