In a small church in Columbus, a group of people met for a study session of the course un curso de milagros candidate Marianne Williamson calls her spiritual bible. Though not a religion, the course is a self-study program of spiritual psychotherapy.

It teaches readers to replace fear with love. Williamson is an internationally acclaimed lecturer and author of several #1 New York Times bestsellers.
A Course in Miracles

Internationally acclaimed lecturer, author and activist Marianne Williamson has written six New York Times bestsellers. Her most recent book, Everyday Grace, reveals how miracles can occur when we shift our perception from fear to love. Bert’s conversation with Williamson begins with her explaining how A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a spiritual text that teaches how to replace fear with love and that there are only two fundamental emotions: fear and love.

ACIM isn’t a religion but rather a psychological training in the relinquishment of a thought system based on fear and an acceptance of a new one, which is based on love. It has a broad appeal, with readers ranging from modern “spiritual gurus” like Gabrielle Bernstein to yoga teachers across the globe.

However, as Marianne explains, there are aspects of the Course that don’t resonate with some. For example, the course teaches that when we give to another person, whatever form the good takes, it will be returned to us tenfold. But, she says, people may think of this as luck or even karma when they don’t understand that everything is really spiritual law. As we listen to her talk about this, I’m also reminded of the times that I’ve seen this in action. And it’s been a beautiful thing to see. It’s called divine compensation. It’s been a real miracle for me to witness it and to experience it.
The Law of Divine Compensation

The Law of Divine Compensation states that whatever you desire, whatever you think about, will be manifested in your life. This is not a theory, it is the way the universe works. It is not like the law of gravity, which can be proven scientifically; it is a spiritual law that you can experience for yourself.

If you want to see miracles in your life, begin by aligning yourself with love. Then, as you begin to accept this principle and let go of fear-based thinking, you will discover that the universe is set up to work in your favor. When you are in a place of divine love, the universe will show you only more love and unlimited possibilities. When you are in a place of fear, the universe will show you only more problems and limitations.

Bestselling author Marianne Williamson, who is a spiritual teacher and activist, is regarded as one of the leading voices for a new generation of seekers. Six of her published books have been New York Times bestsellers, including A Return to Love and Everyday Grace. She has appeared on numerous television shows, including Oprah and Good Morning America. Her teachings are translated into more than 25 languages.
The Gift of Change

In The Gift of Change, bestselling author Marianne Williamson encourages readers to embrace the changes life brings—even those that are difficult to handle. She explains how we can use these moments to gain new perspective, re-evaluate our goals and reconsider our options. By doing so, we can find the spiritual guidance needed to deal with whatever challenges come our way.

A New Age leader, internationally acclaimed lecturer and author of the mega-bestsellers A Return to Love, Illuminata, Everyday Grace, and A Woman's Worth, Marianne Williamson has a worldwide following that stretches from new age gurus like Gabrielle Bernstein to yoga teachers across the country. Williamson's spiritual teachings are grounded in A Course in Miracles, a channeled psycho-spiritual self-study that teaches us to replace fear with love.

Using the Greek word dunamis, translated as "miracle," to mean a mighty deed, this guide from New York Times bestselling author Marianne Williamson helps readers bring about positive changes in their lives. She begins by explaining the role of miracles in the Christian belief system, revealing how miracles serve to remind the world that God is in control.

Then, she applies this knowledge to real-world experiences that are often referred to as miracles. Including accounts of the healing of an injured child, a man who grows all-new skin without grafts, and a dog that returns to its owners after a terrifying car accident, miracles are often viewed as signs that God is present and active in our daily lives.

Providing insight and encouragement for dealing with change in the face of adversity, Miracles Do Happen will inspire all readers to open their hearts to the possibility that miracles can be a part of their own lives. This Guideposts Exclusive is sure to fill readers with awe and restore their faith as they read about the amazing ways that God shows up in our lives.
The Age of Miracles

In a tense time when the Earth's rotation is slowly decelerating, causing longer days and nights, miracles are becoming more common. People are hearing the deaf, seeing the blind, and walking away from diseases. Some say these are the beginnings of an apocalypse, while others feel that miracles are God's way of confirming His new revelations.

In this apocalyptic future, where the everyday is suddenly extraordinary, the narrator of The Age of Miracles is eleven-year-old Julia, the only child of Joel, an obstetrician, and Helen, a former actress. She lives in a suburban community with an eclectic mix of neighbors, including Sylvia, the New Age piano teacher; the Kaplans, a conservative Jewish family; Tom and Carlotta, aging hippies; and Hanna, Julia's best friend who comes from a Mormon family.

One day the world begins to change in mysterious ways - the sun setting at two in the morning, for example. This is what is called "the slowing." Other, less obvious changes soon follow: Birds drop from the sky unable to fly; crops fail; and people start to act strangely. In this speculative fiction coming-of-age story, debut novelist Karen Thompson Walker has imagined a terrifying world that could very well be our own.

The book explores how miracles have been used throughout history to deliver new revelation and authenticate the messengers of that revelation. It also examines the inherent logical challenges in this concept. In a world where miracles are occurring in increasing numbers, it's important to understand their nature. This book offers a unique perspective on what miracles actually are by analyzing inconsistent patterns, the selective nature of divine intervention, contradictions with scientific understanding, and the implications for a coherent worldview.

This is the first book in a trilogy of bestselling novels from the acclaimed and award-winning author of The Power of Now. This lucid and lyrical book is a fascinating read that will help readers to better appreciate the miracles in their own lives and the world around them. It will be of great interest to those interested in spirituality and the future of humankind.