In Nigeria, Starbucks has a lot of gift cards one can have. But what to do if you have these cards, and you just want to see how to sell Starbucks gift cards in Nigeria? Well, you need not worry about that because we have the perfect article to solve this problem for you. We can take you through our information very easily if you want to sell Starbucks gift cards in Nigeria.

Why Sell Starbucks Gift Cards In Nigeria?

Starbucks everywhere is really popular, so it makes sense their gift cards can be high on demand. Starbucks probably gives out lots of these cards for all coffee lovers out there every day. So, sometimes it is natural to have a few you cannot use, or it is extra with you somehow. So it is just a nicer option to sell it to get some money plus give a coffee lover a nice treat. We will also give a few reasons to you for this:

  1. When you sell Starbucks gift cards in Nigeria, make some money and use it anywhere you like, literally.
  2. The gift card you sell can go to someone who can actually use it. A coffee lover would love a gift card from Starbucks.
  3. Sometimes, you can’t visit a Starbucks store just because of any reason. So, if you want to not go through the hassle, this can be a pretty good option to sell it away.

How To Sell Starbucks Gift Cards In Nigeria?

When you go to sell Starbucks gift cards in Nigeria, you will probably do some simple enough steps:

Before everything, just check that you have a good balance on your card. How? You can check it on their website or just by reaching out on their phone.

Find a good source or a simple and respectable platform for this. Many sites buy these gift cards. You can also just sell to someone you know. That’s simple, too. But be careful because it’s easy to fall under a bad scam.

Once you have the right site, the next part is to start with an authentic account. You have to list your card there. It will probably ask you a few details, too, to see if everything is accurate. The basic things like balance, numbers, etc., should do it.

Now, you just have to wait for an offer on your gift card. In some places, that’s not even necessary. You can just set a price at a few sites, so it becomes pretty much fixed.

It is easy to find a buyer in Nigeria. When you have the buyer interested, the main thing is to sell that card. Do the steps that the site tells you.

Then the buyer will send the money, and you will send the card, and it’s done! The site will give you the money in whichever mode you like.


Selling Starbucks gift cards in Nigeria is a straightforward process. It's a great choice if you have a spare card and want to earn some cash. Starbucks gift cards are a delightful treat for coffee enthusiasts in Nigeria. Ensure you connect with the appropriate platform and adhere to the correct procedures for selling these cards.