Many companies have discovered that using a software application is the best way to track cases from initiation to resolution. Because of the sensitive nature of any claim, having a software tool allows you to define your process for the investigation and then concentrate on making sure the initiators of any case are happy and kept safe while maintaining your reputation and compliance status. Here are a few other benefits of using investigation case management described below.

Communication & Acknowledgement

When initiating a case, the most important thing a person thinks about is that your complaint is heard and your problem is addressed. If your case gets lost, it can't be resolved. Good case management software allows you to set up automatic acknowledgements. Of course, you can still keep your initiation methods, but software can turn an email into a tracked incident that can be thoroughly investigated.

At the same time, relevant updates are automatically shared with the customer as emails. This lets your initiator know you've received their case and are taking steps to resolve it. Adequate acknowledgement and ongoing communication go a long way toward making the initiator feel valued.

Cases Can Be Completed From Anywhere

Thanks to cloud-based case investigation software, you have the freedom to work outside the office. You'll love this feature if your job involves a lot of traveling. In addition, server-based systems are becoming obsolete as businesses move to the cloud. Whether for business continuity plans or help managing a globally dispersed workforce, all the essential information you need is available anytime.


The top case management software doesn't stop at helping the case be resolved. It can also look at trends and help you see how well your forms and workflows function. You can pinpoint unique relationships between cases by leveraging the right case management software. This allows you to deliver compliance reports or resolve fraud cases quickly. The software can also generate reports showing which efforts are paying off and which ones should be ditched. Reports that analyze employee performance allow you to evaluate their productivity.


Case management software must be highly flexible. It should be nimble and quickly adapt to new processes. For example, if you are an estate planning lawyer, you might decide to practice a new area like social security disability. The investigation management software you use should adjust seamlessly by adding a few new fields or creating a few further workflow steps.

In addition, case management software should allow you to organize cases based on your criteria, not the default criteria it comes with. Finally, it should be customizable and adapt to your changing needs.


When all your files are safe, you have peace of mind. Special case management system software keeps all your files safe and performs data backup automatically and regularly, saving you the hassle of doing it manually. Unfortunately, server-based case management software can become inaccessible or crash because of a simple thing like a power outage.

The best cloud-based case management systems backup data every few hours and partner with top hosting companies prioritizing security. Because client data is confidential, the software must be accessed only by verified users.