Mahindra produces the 30 HP Mahindra 265 DI Bhoomiputra tractor. It has strong specs, including 25.5 HP, 1900 rpm, and 2048 CC of displacement. The tractor's fuel-efficient engine is built to run smoothly and effectively on any surface. The Mahindra 265 DI Bhoomiputra is a well-liked and reasonably priced option for farmers, with the Mahindra 265 price starting at Rs. 4.80* - 4.95 Lakh* in India in 2023. The tractor boasts a strong body, a dependable braking system, and a sleek and powerful engine. Farmers can obtain reliable information about the Mahindra 265 DI Bhoomiputra, including price, features, specifications, dealers, and more, on Tractor Gyan. The tractor is well-known for its performance and fuel efficiency, and it is covered by a warranty. Tractor Gyan is the recommended place to find the greatest discounts on the Mahindra 265 DI Bhoomiputra.