If you’re planning on getting married soon, you’ve probably started thinking about venues and dates. But have you thought about your wedding colors? Your theme and palette are what tie your entire event together.
Take our tips of how to choose the color scheme for your wedding into consideration when planning your wedding and choosing wedding colors, you will get right visual components for your day that look cohesive and on the theme. 

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Choose One or Two Main Colors
One or two main colors + a couple of secondary natural colors + a fun accent shade.
Not every color works together, so we recommend sticking with one or two main colors.
Keeping things basic and straightforward will ensure that your color scheme doesn’t look garish.
Once picked one or two main colors, choose a couple of secondary colors. One of these shades should be natural.
Then, pick a fun accent shade sparingly in your wedding, like Gold, Silver.
For example, when choosing purple or lilac as your main color. Use purple for your bridal party, like some of these purple bridesmaid dresses. Then sprinkle linen, sage, and silver throughout everything else. And you could use purple tablecloths with silver table runners, or vice versa. You could also incorporate purple and silver accents in your centerpieces, such as flowers or candles, silver plastic plates for weddings or colored napkins.

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Look at the Color Wheel
While not everyone has gone to art school, most of us can figure out how to read a color wheel. Complimentary colors will appear across from one another on a color wheel.
Other color pairings to consider are right next to each other. These colors will also share a primary color.

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Try Not to Overthink It
Don’t feel pressure to pick certain colors. You don't need to stick to a strict color scheme, just treat your color scheme as a guideline rather than a rule.
Use the colors as a jumping-off point for other items at your wedding, like your table linens and florals. 
Not everything in your event has to match perfectly, so just relax and have fun.

You want to have your wedding filled with your least favorite color, so start with one color and build your palette and theme from there.
At the end, you will have a wedding that have wedding colors that you love.

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