Thais scored 29 points with a high attack success rate of 65.79% Shin Young-seok scored 6 blocking points

Thais and Ha Seung-woo

KEPCO main gun Thais (left) is talking with setter Ha Seung-woo during the professional volleyball men's visiting game against Korean Air held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 18th.

KEPCO defeated Korean Air, which was aiming for its 6th consecutive win, and achieved its first consecutive win of the season.

KEPCO defeated Korean Air with a set score of 3-1 (25-22 22-25 25-14 30-28) in the professional volleyball Dodram 2023-2024 V-League men's visiting match held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 18th.

After suffering two consecutive losses, including the first game of the season, KEPCO, which achieved its first win against Hyundai Capital on October 26, fell into a swamp of four consecutive losses again.

KEPCO, in good spirits, posted its second win of the season against OK Financial Group on November 14, and also won the next game against Korean Air.

KEPCO moved up one place to 5th place with 9 points (3 wins, 6 losses), beating Hyundai Capital (8 points, 2 wins, 7 losses).

On the other hand, second-place Korean Air (19 points, 6 wins, 3 losses), which was on a 5-game winning streak, failed to add more points and was unable to narrow the gap with first-place Woori Card (22 points, 8 wins, 1 loss).

On this day, KEPCO overwhelmed Korean Air with a blocking score of 15-5.The attack success rate of KEPCO was 64.51%, which was far ahead of Korean Air, which had 46.29%.

Thais Dull Host (registered name Thais) scored 29 points, the most for both teams, with a high attack success rate of 65.79%, and Lim Seong-jin added 15 points.

Veteran middle blocker Shin Young-seok (13 points) blocked Korean Air's attack by scoring six blocking points.

For Korean Air, Lim Dong-hyuk (19 points) did his best, but Jeong Han-yong (12 points), who had been doing well in preventing Jeong Ji-seok's injury absence, had a poor attack success rate of 31.03% and the winning streak came to a halt.Lincoln Williams' (registered name: Lincoln) four consecutive serve aces at the end of the fourth set were overshadowed by the team's defeat.

Korean Air's table tennis star Shin Yu-bin visited the stadium to cheer, but Korean Air was unable to hold a victory celebration.

Shin Yu-bin visited Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium

Table tennis star Shin Yu-bin is cheering for Korean Air at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon, where the professional volleyball men's match between Korean Air and KEPCO was held on the 18th.

KEPCO was hit with a quick open by opposing outside hitter Kwak Seung-seok in the first set, 23-20, and in the ensuing rally, Lim Seong-jin's open attack was blocked by Jeong Han-yong, and they lost 23-22.

However, Seo Jae-deok succeeded in a rear attack to create a set point, and Shin Young-seok blocked Jeong Han-yong's open attack to end the first set.

KEPCO, which lost the second set to Korean Air, gained momentum again by winning the third set thanks to Thais' performance.

At 4-3 in the third set, Jo Geun-ho's fast attack, Tice's quick open, Tice's blocking score, and Tice's open attack led to KEPCO running away to 8-3 and winning the set with ease.

KEPCO also beat Korean Air’s last chase.

KEPCO, which was ahead 24-21 in the 4th set, allowed four consecutive serve aces to Lincoln and fell to 24-25.

Lincoln's fifth serve missed the end line and KEPCO took a breather.

At 26-27, KEPCO made a deuce again with Lim Seong-jin's quick open, and Korean Air's Lee Jun and Kim Gyu-min's movements overlapped and Kim Gyu-min missed the ball, bringing the score back to 28-27.

Korean Air made it 28-28 again with Kim Gyu-min's quick attack.

However, KEPCO took the lead again with Seo Jae-deok's quick open, and when Ha Seung-woo received Lincoln's quick open, Thais scored with an open attack, turning the game on its head. 19가이드03