There are different types of outdoor living spaces that you can choose to make your own depending on where you live and what your landlord is going to be able to provide. Knowing what these are can help you make some smart decisions for where you would like to call your own home. Some of the most common outdoor living spaces that you can consider for your next apartment includes:


# Balcony: A balcony is going to be an extension of your apartment that will be on the upper floor and leads to the outside. They are often supported by columns or brackets and enclosed by railings to provide some more safety when you are there. This is a nice way to get outside and enjoy a bit of nature and what is going on all around you.

# Deck: A deck is a wooden structure that does not have a covering or a roof. Unlike a patio or a porch, you will be able to install the deck on any part of the rental that has enough space and they will not require a ton of maintenance at the same time, making them great for these buildings.

# Veranda: This is going to be a part of the apartment that will extend beyond the back or the front of the property. This is an open porch that will attach at either ground level or to the home and will have railings. It is common for them to wrap around the one side. It is not uncommon for this to be used interchangeably with pergolas or other types of patio covers.

# Sunrooms: For more time in the sun, you can choose to go with a sunroom. This room is going to be more enclosed that will feature a lot of windows and is often attached to the back part of the home. This is enclosed so that you are able to enjoy it all throughout the year. It is extra living space as well since it is away from the rest of the home.


Choosing the right apartments to rent for downtown LA will help you get all of the comfort and style that you are looking for. And you should always check to see whether they have some of these great outdoor spaces to make sure that you can enjoy some time outside as well. Come and take a look at some of the apartments that we have available to see whether they have the amenities and the great space that you are looking for in your new home.