Family law disputes are emotionally charged and quite complex. These involve significant changes in the lives of everyone involved. As such, it’s only prudent to hire a family law attorney Orange County who understands how to fight for and protect your best interests at every step of the way. 

The family law attorneys at Orange County at Jos Family Law are well-known in O.C. for high-quality representation. We’re client-focused and provide immaculate attention to detail in every case. Whether your case can be settled outside court or ends up at trial, trust our attorneys to find the best possible resolution expediently. 

No Case is Too Complex for Us

At Jos Family Law, we provide a complete range of family law services. Our expertise includes negotiations, mediation, and litigation. Our certified Family Law Specialists routinely handle cases that involve:

·        Divorce

·        Legal Separation

·        Mediation

·        Child Support

·        Child Custody

·        Spousal Support

·        Asset Division

·        Grandparent’s Rights

·        Domestic Violence

·        Adoption

·        Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

·        Modification of Orders

·        And More

We can help you Take the Next Big Step in Life

As the leading family law attorney in Orange County, we understand what you’re going through. Family law cases are often difficult, but they’re also the first steps into a new life. We ensure that you’re supported by our seasoned attorneys throughout the process. 

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