Many DIRECTV customers are eligible for a discounted subscription to Peacock Premium. With Peacock, you can stream live sports, blockbuster movies, bingeworthy TV shows, exclusive originals, news, WWE, and more—on the Peacock app or at With the Peacock app, you can watch on your TV, phone, computer or tablet.


How do I watch Peacock?
After you sign up, we’ll send you an email to activate Peacock. Once activated, you can watch Peacock in three ways:

  1. On the Peacock app
  2. At
  3. By clicking the “Watch now” link on the Peacock card on your TV Package page—which will launch

How do I sign up?
First, make sure you don’t already have a Peacock Premium account. Then go to your TV Package page at, select the “More TV” tab, and look for the Peacock add-on.

How will I be billed?
The monthly charges for Peacock Premium will be added to your regular DIRECTV bill.


How do I cancel Peacock?
It’s easy to cancel Peacock at any time. Just go to the Peacock card on your Manage my TV Package page and select “REMOVE.” Your subscription will be removed immediately. You may get a prorated credit on your next bill, depending on your billing date and the date you cancel


Are other premium channels and streaming services available through DIRECTV?
Yes! You can add premium channels and streaming services directly through your DIRECTV account. Check out this list of premium add-ons.