Hwang Sun-woo, Who Passed the 200m Freestyle Preliminaries, Said, “The Semifinals are a Better Race”



Kim Woo-min was the first to show ‘golden water’… Hwang Sun-woo aims for gold medal

Lee Ho-jun also advances to the semifinals with Hwang Sun-woo

Korean swimming star Hwang Seon-woo (20, Gangwon Provincial Office) made a strong start toward his first gold medal at the World Aquatics Championships. 카지노사이트

Sunwoo Hwang placed 11th out of 67 athletes with a time of 1 minute 46.99 seconds in the men's 200m freestyle preliminaries at the 2024 International Aquatics Federation World Championships held at the Aspire Dome in Doha, Qatar on the 12th, earning a spot in the semifinals for the top 16.

Sunwoo Hwang will attempt to advance to the finals in the semifinals, which will be held starting at 2:11 a.m. on the 13th, Korean time.

Hwang Seon-woo, who broke through the water in Group 7, the last group of the men's 200m freestyle, continued to lead until the 150m section.

He may have decided that power distribution was more important than qualifying rankings, so he finished the race by controlling his pace for the remaining 50 meters.

After the game, Hwang Seon-woo said through his agency All That Sports, "I finished my training camp in Australia and played my first major game.

Since my goal was the Paris Olympics, my physical condition is around 70-80%, but I will have a better race in the semifinals and finals with the given condition."

“He expressed his determination.”

Lucas Martens and Raphael Miroslav (Germany) took first and second place in the preliminary round with records of 1 minute 45.75 seconds and 1 minute 45.89 seconds, respectively.

Danas Rapsis (Lithuania), who competed in the lane right next to Hwang Seon-woo, took third place with a time of 1 minute 45.95 seconds.

Sunwoo Hwang is the strongest candidate to win the 200m freestyle event at this competition.

David Popovic (Romania), who beat him when he won the silver medal in this event at the 2022 Budapest Games, as well as Matthew Richards and Tom Dean (both of Great Britain), who took first and second place when he won the bronze medal at the 2023 Fukuoka Games, will not participate. Because it wasn't.

The International Swimming Federation announced that Hwang Sun-woo held the first place record among athletes who participated in the men's 200m freestyle event at this competition.

Sunwoo Hwang's best record in the 200m freestyle is 1 minute 44.40 seconds set at the Hangzhou Asian Games in September last year.

Hwang Sun-woo, who previously collected silver and bronze medals at the World Championships, can now complete the 'collection of medals of all colors' that he had hoped for by winning a gold medal.

Previously, Kim Woo-min once again broke through the 'gold vein' of Korean swimming's long course (50m) World Championships, which had been blocked for 13 years, so the burden on his mind was eased.

Kim Woo-min broke many people's expectations and won the gold medal by setting a personal best of 3 minutes 42.71 seconds in the 400m freestyle final of this competition.

This is the first time that a Korean swimmer has won a gold medal at the World Championships since Park Tae-hwan at the 2011 Shanghai Games.

Lee Ho-jun (22, Jeju City Hall), who played in group 5 ahead of Hwang Seon-woo, recorded the touch pad at 1 minute 46.97 seconds, which was 0.02 seconds faster than Hwang Seon-woo.

He ranked 10th overall in the preliminary round and advanced to the semifinals with Hwang Sun-woo.

Ho-Jun Lee advanced to the finals together with Sun-Woo Hwang in this event at the Fukuoka Games last year and placed 6th.

If Lee Ho-jun, who is also an 800m relay swimmer aiming for a medal at this event, shows good condition, the Korean relay team's first ever World Championships medal hunt could also be given the green light.

Ho-Jun Lee also said through All That Sports, "It was my first match of the year, so I didn't feel 100%, so I struggled a little in the preliminaries.

I will make up for it in the semifinals and challenge for the finals.

There are outstanding competitors in front of me, so the semifinals will be as challenging as the finals." “He said.