Director Lee Kang-cheol's move Juwon, Lee Chae-ho, and Kim Min-soo competing for the 5th starting spot The batting line that Rojas joined Building an outfield with Kim Min-hyuk, Bae Jeong-dae, and Lohas

Director Lee Kang-cheol smiles brightly.

KT Wiz coach Lee Kang-cheol is smiling brightly after being interviewed by Yonhap News in the lobby of Ananti at Busan Cove in Gijang-gun, Busan, the spring camp accommodation, on the 15th.

Professional baseball KT Wiz had a ‘magical’ year in 2023.

At the beginning of the regular season, the team was ranked at the bottom due to a series of injured players, but after successfully rebounding in mid-June, they swept to victory with tremendous momentum and advanced to the Korean Series (KS).

Although they unfortunately bowed out in the LG Twins and KS, 2023 became a stepping stone for the KT team to grow one step further.

KT is a strong candidate to win in 2024 as well.Closing pitcher Kim Jae-yoon, who qualified as a free agent (FA), transferred to the Samsung Lions, but 2020 Most Valuable Player (MVP) Mel Rojas Jr. joined, and valuable resources such as Woo Gyu-min and Moon Yong-ik were added.

KT is evaluated as having the potential to challenge for the presidency once again this year as long as variables such as injuries are avoided.

KT coach Lee Kang-cheol is also full of confidence.This year, I am determined to lift the KS championship trophy, which I unfortunately missed last year.A roadmap toward winning the KS has already been established in Coach Lee's mind.

On the 15th, Coach Lee met with Yonhap News at the Ananti at Busan Cove in Gijang-gun, Busan, the spring camp accommodation, and revealed in detail the outlook for the new season, the team's strength, and the player plans, and expressed his determination to "challenge once again."

Lee Kang-cheol, KT director

One empty starting spot…Even the core bullpen, Sovereignty, Chae-ho Lee, and Min-soo Kim compete.

KT is a strong team.The starters, bullpen, and closer are solid, and the fielders at each position are solid.

However, there are also holes.The most needed part is the 5th starter.

KT has one empty spot in the starting rotation due to Bae Seong’s enlistment.The selection of four players - William Cuevas, Wes Benjamin, Ko Young-pyo, and Eom Sang-baek - is certain, but one spot is a problem.

So Hyun-jun underwent elbow ligament fusion surgery last year and is scheduled to return after June, but a starter is needed until then.

Director Lee Kang-cheol came up with an unconventional plan.Lee Chae-ho, Ju-won, and Kim Min-soo, who were active in the bullpen in the past, will challenge for selection.

Coach Lee introduced Pil Seung-jo, saying, “Son Dong-hyun and Lee Sang-dong have grown significantly, and Woo Gyu-min and Park Si-young (who recovered from surgery) have joined,” and added, “As the middle has become more solid, we will increase the number of pitches for players who can be used as starters.” “I ordered you to train,” he said.

Min-soo Kim has 30 holds in the 2022 season, Chae-ho Lee has an ERA of 2.95 in 38 games in the 2022 season, and Ju-won is a key bullpen responsible for more than 20 holds each year from the 2019 season to the 2021 season.

The three players did not play their part last season due to injuries and poor performance.

Manager Lee Kang-cheol gave the three pitchers a chance to revive and suggested ways to utilize them as starters.

In addition, Kim Min and rookie pitchers Won Sang-hyeon and Yuk Cheong-myeong are competing.Kim Min and Won Sang-hyun are fastball pitchers who throw fastballs in the 150km range.

Manager Lee Kang-cheol stuck out his tongue, saying, “Won Sang-hyun threw 150 km from his first bullpen.”

As for the 'left-handed bullpen' problem that left a mark last season, great expectations are placed on Park Se-jin and Jeon Yong-ju.

Park Se-jin, the younger brother of Lotte Giants Park Se-woong, is putting a smile on coach Lee Kang-cheol's face by showing a different performance from previous years at spring camp.

Coach Lee said, “If even one of the two players establishes himself, it is expected to be of great help to the team.”The starting pitcher is Park Young-hyun.  스포츠토토