No makeup look is complete without a face powder. Face powder is a must-have makeup product that seals your foundation and other makeup products in place. Without a face powder, it is difficult to achieve a completely flawless finish. You may read further to know everything about face powder. 

There are different types of face powder available, namely, translucent powder, face compact pressed powder, mineral powder, and finishing powder. These face powders have different textures and result in different finishes, such as matte or glow finishes. If you are finding it difficult to choose the right face powder that suits your skin type, then here’s an ultimate guide to face powder just for you. 

Types Of Face Powder 

  • Translucent Powder: If you want a matte and shine-free makeup finish, then translucent powder would be your best choice. You can either opt for a loose translucent powder or a pressed translucent powder compact. As the name suggests, translucent face powder is translucent in nature. As a result, it does not add any color to your face on its own. So, you can retain the original color of your foundation. 
  • Mineral Powder: Mineral powder is made from minerals. As a result, they are free from harsh chemicals. Mineral powder comes in both loose and pressed forms. 
  • Finishing Powder: If you want to reduce the appearance of your fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, then a finishing powder can be your greatest savior. While some finishing powders are translucent, others are slightly pigmented. To achieve a photo-filter effect, you can opt for a finishing powder from a trusted brand that has a reasonable face powder price. 
  • Loose Powder: Loose powder provides a light to medium coverage and can result in a natural-looking makeup finish. Several translucent, mineral, and finishing powders come in loose form. 
  • Pressed Compact Powder: Pressed powder comes in a pressed compact form and has a smooth texture. Pressed compact powder comes in different shades that suit different skin tones. You can choose the best compact powder available, depending on your skin tone. 

How To Choose the Right Face Powder? 

If you want light coverage, then a small amount of mineral face powder can do the trick. However, for full coverage, you can opt for a pressed compact powder that complements your skin tone. You can choose Viseart’s Sheer Velvet Pressed Powder if you want an affordable compact powder price and high-quality pressed powder that is natural and suits your skin type. 


From giving a mattifying effect to your face to adding a dewy, luminous touch, face powders can help you achieve a professional makeup look. Not only this, but you can also embrace a youthful look by reducing the appearance of your wrinkles with the help of a face powder. However, before investing in a face powder, always do some research on the best face powders available. 

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