Mickey van der Vaan reveals how he has settled in at Tottenham Hotspur.

Van der Vaan is a Dutch superstar. He has been one of Tottenham's best signings of the season. Standing at 6-foot-4, van der Vaan joined Spurs from Wolfsburg with a combination of pace, defense, and build-up play.

In his first season, van der Vaan has been outstanding. After suffering an injury against Chelsea in November, he returned to action in January and has started all 17 league games so far.

Van der Vaan's center-back partner is vice-captain Christian Romero. While their stable combination has been well-received this season, Romero has been frequently absent due to a combination of injuries and sending offs early in the season, and has been cited for unsportsmanlike conduct on several occasions, most notably for rough defending. This season, he has received four cautions and one sending off, which is less than in previous seasons.

Van der Vaan spoke out about Romero, telling OPTUS SPORT: "For me, he's a world-class player, like he won the World Cup in Qatar 토토 2022. Sometimes people say he is too aggressive, but he is the best player with the ball and when he is not defending, he is a leader, he always wants to lead the team 100%. He's not afraid of anyone and I can promise you that he keeps going every game."


He also credits Romero with helping him adjust. He said: "From the beginning he helped me. In the opening game against Brentford, he almost got a head injury, but he kept talking to me and helping me with the system they play. "He helped me early on because I wasn't involved in pre-season, he was just a world-class player," he thanked.

He also talked about Son Heung-min. Van der Vaan has had nothing but praise for Son Heung-min throughout the season. "As a captain, as a human being, on and off the field, he's a top-class player. On the pitch, he always wants to lead the team. We have personal conversations, but off the pitch he is always thinking about football. You can see on the pitch how high his touch and finishing ability is. He looks at us sharply and is always ahead of us," he said.


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