In comparison to Lee Sun-min, director Lee Jeong-hyo said, "Have you not seen Jeong Ho-yeon? Today proves it"

Jeong Ho-yeon said, "After meeting director Lee Jeong-hyo, dream bigger and look far ahead."

Professional soccer K-League 1 Gwangju FC's key midfielder Jeong Ho-yeon made a lasting impression on the national team's 'temporary head coach' Hwang Seon-hong.

Gwangju, where Jeong Ho-yeon played a big role, started the new season on a good note by defeating FC Seoul 2-0 in the Hana Bank K-League 1 2024 1st round home game held at Gwangju Soccer Stadium on the 2nd.

Jeong Ho-yeon, who started as a central midfielder and played full-time, took the pressure off the Seoul players and led to the offensive development that coach Lee Jeong-hyo wanted. 파워볼게임

In particular, in the 16th minute of the second half, the scene where he neutralized Palosevic's pressure by quickly turning around after receiving Popovic's pass from the back stood out.

Jeong Ho-yeon drove the ball straight and advanced past the center circle to Seoul's penalty arc.

His chemistry with midfielder Choi Gyeong-rok, who joined Gwangju in January after playing in the German Bundesliga 2 (second division), was also stable.

With the two players working hard, Gwangju was able to lay the foundation for victory by tightly holding on to the Seoul midfielders, especially in the first half.

Gwangju, which took the lead with Lee Hee-gyun's first goal in the 20th minute of the first half, completed a 2-0 victory by adding Gabriel's K-League debut goal just before the end of the game.

Coach Lee Jeong-hyo, who came to the press conference with a stern expression after the game and criticized the team's performance in the second half for being disappointing, heaped praise on Jeong Ho-yeon.

Director Lee laughed lightly when asked, ‘Do you feel Lee Sun-min’s absence?’

Coach Lee then asked, “Have you not seen Jeong Ho-yeon by any chance?” and added, “I think he proved it with his performance today.

“If you are better (than Lee Sun-min), you can’t be better,” he said emphatically.

Lee Sun-min, who participated in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup as a midfielder for the national team, raised his stock value while wearing the Gwangju uniform, before transferring to Daejeon Hana Citizen after the end of last season.

Ho-yeon Jeong, who heard in the joint coverage area that Coach Lee praised him by comparing him to his teammate Lee Sun-min, said, "I think he said that because I am a Gwangju player."

He added, "Lee Sun-min went out and I became a better player."

It’s not like I took on a lot of pressure.

He emphasized, “Coach’s soccer is soccer in which all players perform together,” adding, “If each player performs well in his or her position, it works well and fits well together.” Like

Lee Soon-min, who grew under coach Lee’s guidance last season, Jeong Ho-yeon I also have the national team in mind.

Coach Lee told reporters before the game, "We are working hard to create (national team players) again this year.

First of all, I think the team's performance will have to be good.

That will attract attention and many people will come to our games."

When asked who would be the next candidate to become the national team member for Gwangju after Lee Soon-min, coach Lee avoided further comment.

Currently, the player in Gwangju whose skills are closest to that of the national team is Jeong Ho-yeon.

Jeong Ho-yeon participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games as a member of the U-24 national team held last year and contributed to Hwang Seon-hong winning the gold medal.

Jeong Ho-yeon said, "Before I met coach (Lee Jeong-hyo), I thought it would be nice to come to the K-League and play at least a few games.

But now, as a player, I have dreamed bigger dreams and looked far ahead."

Coach Hwang Sun-hong, who was appointed as the temporary head coach of the A national team, watched this game on site following the game between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Daejeon Hana Citizen the day before.

On the 11th, Coach Hwang will announce the national team roster that will play against Thailand in the second round of the Asian region qualifiers for the 2026 North and Central America World Cup.

Regarding this, Jeong Ho-yeon said, "That's what I discussed during a meeting with coach (Lee Jeong-hyo) before the season started.

The coach also tells me to continue to stick to the basics and do better."