The Eicher 480 Super DI is a standout tractor in the 45 HP category, offering an impressive array of features and specifications tailored to meet the needs of Indian farmers. Breaking industry records, it has garnered acclaim for its exceptional performance in the field. One of its most attractive attributes is its pricing range, making it a value-for-money investment accessible to farmers from various economic backgrounds, priced between Rs. 6.00 and Rs. 6.55 lakh. The manufacturers have carefully set the price to align with the equipment's value and the purchasing capacity of the Indian market. Beyond its competitive pricing, the Eicher 480 Super DI boasts a 45 HP engine, delivering exceptional field performance. With its sturdy construction and appealing design, it stands out as one of the most stylish tractors available in India. Safety and control are prioritized with two steering and brake systems, ensuring optimal driver control. Additionally, farmers benefit from a 2-year warranty, providing peace of mind regarding the tractor's reliability and longevity.