The Southern Califonian city of Glendale is home to a few famed cafeterias, restaurants and eateries that prepare a world of delicious kebabs from meat like lamb, pork, beef and chicken. And, one such place is “Art’s Bakery & Cafe'' that specializes in mouthwatering treats like Khachapuri kabob, chicken Lulah kabob, beef Lulah kabob, boneless pork shish kabob, beef shish kabob, chicken boneless thigh kabob, kabob wrap, and many more such items. First, the meat is properly minced & grinded, before being fried, sautéed, roasted or smoked, and thereafter served with French fries, soups and salads.


So, if you’re residing in Glendale, you can either order your favorite kebab dish online, or simply drive-in for a quick takeaway or a classic sit-n-dine experience. In fact, this particular cafe prepares kebabs and delivers them to doorsteps for all those who want to stay at home during the weekends with family, and munch on something juicy, spicy and tender meat preparation. And, what better than a dish of chicken or beef Lulah kabob that melts in the mouth with a burst of distinct spice flavors.


Now Order Freshly Prepared Kabob Platters and Get it Within Minutes


Whether you’re ordering Lulah family kabob platters or Jalapeno & cheese infused beef Lulah kabob wraps, you get it straight from the barbecue oven to your plate. This is how the juices of the meat stay intact, as the meal is delivered to your place within a few minutes of ordering. So, why not order kabob online from one such popular food joint, local eatery, cafe and restaurant that has a team of expert chefs, preparing tasty and finger-licking meat dishes from fresh ingredients, all sourced from the local farmers market.


It is the style of kebab preparation that makes a dish so unique, as it is a South-Asian and Middle-Eastern origin cuisine, with the use of select authentic spices, herbs, veggies and home-made BBQ sauce. The meat is either smoked, grilled, roasted or shallow fried in a pan, till it turns golden brown, soft and tender, soaking in all the flavors or the spices, without losing its own distinct aroma. And, when served with flat bread, tortilla, rice, Pilaf or Harissa; it tastes heavenly.