Tata Trucks provides various excellent business vehicles and setups that accompany cutting-edge innovations and particular qualities. The Tata LPT and Tata Intra Series are two of the many truck series presented by Tata, which are remembered for their large number of trucks and tippers.


In Tata Motors' truck setup, these two series stand apart as the most noteworthy performing models for India in 2023. These models come in various variants and are the preferred choice for drivers with regard to overseeing really long freight.

We will dig further into the differences between the two in the passages below.

1. Tata Intra Series

The Tata Intra Pickup series has, as of late, become the quickest to cross the 1 Lakh client achievement. A portion of its well-known models are Intra V10, Intra V30, and Intra V50, with Tata Intra costs running between Rs 7.15 and 9.40 Lakh. Tata Intra trucks are accessible in Diesel and bi-fuel (CNG + Petroleum) fuel types, making them ideal for new entrepreneurs and armada administrators.

2. Tata LPT Series

The Tata LPT series models are ideal for freight strategy applications. Additionally, Tata LPT trucks are available in 43 models in India. The well-known models of this LPT series are the Tata LPT 4825, Tata 1512 LPT, Tata LPT 4225 Cowl Truck, and others.

The trucks in this series are accessible in different fuel types, including diesel and CNG. The Tata LPT truck series cost range begins at Rs 14.96 Lakhs in India.

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