Prom season is here, the planning process can be tedious and stressful.
We googled “prom dresses trends 2024”, “scenic photo spots”, etc, Don’t worry, I have your back. It’s easy to go over prom outfit planning.

There is so much to consider when purchasing prom dresses online for girls and attires for boys.
Staying within your budget is all significant factors, as prom attire has a wide range of prices.
A poll on Instagrem revealed that prom dresses price ranged between $40 and $550.
Set a budget first to whatever amount you’re most comfortable with.

Ordering prom attires weeks prior to the event. Depending on the websites, the size option, the shipping process and fixing can sometimes take a while. Obviously, you want to find what looks best for you, alongside what you feel most comfortable in, therefore, you’d better safe than sorry by ordering your attires weeks before the prom day.

Find the color palette that will suit you the most. The easiest way is taking this quiz by

Keep up with the trends. I gathered some of the most popular choice for this prom season:

Ruffles are a common pick this school year that was proved by Prom Girl and News Channel Nebraska Central.
Tiered tulle adds a fun and charming touch to your look.
Here are my favorites for ruffled dresses, ranging from lowest price to highest:

sparkly red ruffled prom dress


light blue spaghetti tiered ruffled prom dress

tiered ruffled tulle prom gowns

Sparkles / Sequins and Glitter
Sequins and glitter are timeless styles that are guaranteed to make you shimmer and shine out on the dance floor.
Sequined prom dresses are stunning, but in my opinion, it might not be the most comfortable option. For sequins are prone to be itchy and scratchy, but again, go with whatever you feel most comfortable in.
Here are my top picks for sparkly dresses:

sequined one shoulder long prom dress

sparkly red tulle prom dresses with slit

Floral prom dresses are another trends.
Floral print is a classic, and I don’t think it will ever get old.
With different silhouettes and necklines every year, it will consistently popular over the years.
They are a bit too easygoing for a school dance.
If you are looking for something more casual, however, that style might be for you!
Here are my picks for floral styles this season:

floral princess prom dress with sleeves

cute short floral green prom gowns

flowers slit long green prom dress 2024

In terms of shoes, you can never go wrong with neutral-colored heels or dress shoes. Nude, black or white shoes will look good with anything.
After pictures, ditch the formal look’s shoes for a casual pair of sneakers that will guarantee a more comfortable night for you!

Don’t forget to purchase your ticket for the big night, as well as your After Prom ticket.